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DEADRINGER (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-10-27

Today�s musical landscape is made up of numerous sounds, musicians and styles. One of the biggest sounds is the reemergence of thrash metal. Using the hard working, poverty stricken Blue Collar philosophy, that their hometown was built on, Flint, Michigan�s Deadringer brings over a decade of experience to the table with a full on assault on the ears. Formed in 2005 Deadringer is currently made up of dueling lead guitarists Derek Fletcher and T.J. O'Malley, bass player Marshall Barnett, drummer Chuck Pemberton and vocalist Tony Spina the band formed from splinters of a number of influential Flint metal bands such as Selfless, Foundation of Power, Eyes of Dominance, A Murder of Crows and Dejection. Deadringer brings professionalism to all aspects of their show that only comes with such experience. A tightly woven, full sounding, thrash entity, Deadringer is ready and willing to bring their brand of American metal to your stage. The band has shared the stage with a number of today�s biggest metal acts like Superjoint Ritual, Devildriver, Machinehead, Mushroomhead, and Chimara just to name a few. Citing all of the greats i.e. Slayer, Testament, Lamb of God, Pantera ,Devildriver, Killswicth Engage and more as influences, Deadringer brings a nuclear energy to the stage with powerful riff driven songs, thundering rhythm section, and in your face vocals. Dropping their debut album and hitting a stage near you in 2008 be prepared for the nuclear punch in the face that is Deadringer. DEADRINGER is in FULL THROTTLE and playing shows and writing songs. KEEP AND EYE OUT for show postings and bulletin updates and if your new here, add yourself AT ONCE!


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