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DEAD SKY (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-07-08

WE play fast. Weve been a band for 7 years. Were Hard and Melodic. And we use our music as a platform to speak out on all the injustices in the world. The world is full of so much corruption, it is ignorant to be an activist on only one problem. So to all you vegan assholes who dont care about any other cause but saving the animals can GO FUCK YOUR SELVES. That trendy shit dont fly with us. Yes were pro saving the animals but other things need awarness to you trendy scenester fuckwads. influences: DEAD KENNEDYS, NOFX, HENRY DAVID THOREAU,SUICIDAL TENDANCIES, GHANDI,SCREECHING WESEAL ,HATE & LOVE, MALCOM X,CHIEF RUNNIG BULL,THE RAMONES,SHITTY JOBS, QUEEN, RALPH WALDO EMERSON,JOHNNY CASH, ORSON SCOTT CARD,JUNIOR BROWN, LIVING IN POVERTY,PROPAGHANDI,and STRUNG OUT. or we sound like a FAT WRECK CHORDS BAND man! BOOK US BOOK US BOOK US.....were ready to die playing on stage...

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