Book Your Own Fuckin' Life

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One girl, a former poet, living and breeding in New York, collecting change and asking passer-bys if they would die for her. She believes that circular objects are more intrusive than those with corners and believes herself to be extremely fertile. The skull bone is connected to the neck bone. Ambition is found to more often be anger in sheep's clothing. Honk if you're horny. She is somehow smarter than her eating disorder. {the devil inserts subliminal messages here} Unlike most, she takes the time to understand before she agrees. Sex isn't interest. {The government inserts subliminal messages here} To her, laughter is almost always insincere. Normal. She sleeps with those to clarify their mystery. Surely its something else that swarms as we pass between sleep and dream. It would be so easy to offset the balance. She underestimates law enforcement though it usually works to benefit. So tell me, would you die for me?

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