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Chairman Ralph (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2015-09-26

PUNK ROCK TROUBADOUR: One guy and his guitar, spiced with flecks of folk, power-pop, '60s/'70s-style spy tricks, no gimmicks, all played sharp 'n' hard, right to the point. My targets range from idiot bosses ("Mission Statement") to our political system's failures ("Nothing Works Anymore")...My lyrical faves include Greg Ginn, Iggy Pop, The Ramones, Joe you get the idea. Other nights, I throw in more instrumentals ("Action Budgie," "Budgie Is A Spy," "Samurai Budgie") and covers ("Julie's In The Drug Squad," "To Have & To Have Not")...depending on my mood. Always up for reasonable driving distance shows. See my website,, for live snapshots...and works in progress.

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