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Carpet Car City (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-09-28

In the year 200X five young men from a small south Houston suburban area decided to come together and start a rock band for no other reason then the fact that they could (and also because it makes obtaining women a whole lot easier than if they weren't in a band). Taking time out of their wild partying lifestyle (i.e. hanging out in Carpet Car City Hall playing Sega Genesis or watching Battlestar Galactica) to write songs about hentai games, drunk dialing attractive former pseudo-girlfriends, Pokemon, and the concept of being thrust into the role of a teenage parent (which is something that the whole band knows about, especially Rex, because he's such a ladykiller), among other things, Carpet Car City puts on a full-contact, crazy-as-hell show the likes of which other bands would joke about and/or fearfully back out of (although you can't really tell from the videos from the last show, in which everyone just kinda stands there and Rex swings the mic like a douche instead of an angry nerd having a massive, caffeine-induced glam rockin' panic attack). Also, they're all Jewish, which makes them highly marketable in an exploitive sort of way.

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