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CRACKS (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-20

The CRACKS are a four-piece based in Kewanee, IL that play fast punk stuff (we also cover BLACK FLAG, "United Blood"-era AGNOSTIC FRONT, GERMS, & HUSKER DU. We are a bunch of smart asses who aren't afraid to have a good time. We love to play rowdy shows where everyone takes part. We've played around the area and are always looking to branch out for new contacts, friends, places to hang out. We are always ready to play shows ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. We love meeting new folks and will hang out with you after the show! The music is only a means to our ultimate end of getting out there and having a good time/sharing ideas (like what kind of 30-pack to get that night). We have a 3-song CD demo available. A dollar or two to cover the postage would be great, but we can send you our demo for free. Check out our sound at | the three tracks on our demo CD are also on our profile page. If you like our sound, get in touch, let us know about any shows. We want to play your bar, club, backyard, basement, living room, stairwell, walk-in closet, whatever. We can provide all equipment necessary (we don't currently have a PA at our disposal). Message us on myspace for a faster reply.

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