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CAW! CAW! (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-11-25

Originally formed in 2001 as a punk rock quartet, half a decade of playing, recording and evolving together in an attic on the north side of Chicago has honed these young men into something made from everything, a bit naïve with a healthy dose of rock and roll. The punk outfit grew into a woodsy cosmic pop band, then into an ambient experimental trio, and has presently settled on a sonic palette which maps the common ground between all these sounds and more. Some people have said some nice things about us lately: "[a] gleefully tuneful, ceaselessly energetic and at times willfully naïve indie-pop outfit." -Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun-Times "... a band of surpassing intensity." -Andy Downing, Chicago Tribune “… after years of relentless practicing and gigging in and around Chicago, they have morphed into a grand pop-rock outfit with deft textures and sound execution” - Fig and Mint Magazine "the trio’s recently released EP... shows invention, a sense of humor and an embracing of youthful energy that is, at the right time, the perfect medicine... a song like “Wrapped Up Neat in the Bible” blends just about every piece of your older, wiser brother’s record collection and is, dare I say, a perfect pop song." - Newcity Magazine "The local trio doesn't appear to be influenced by birds at all, though its pensive, twitchy rock - especially on tracks like "Organisms," off the Wait Outside EP - inspires a nervous, avian-like wobbling of the listener's head from side to side." - The Onion A/V Club "The Chicago trio’s new EP Wait Outside has enough experimentation to make your head spin and combines punk and rock into something pretty close to perfection" -Ben Wadington, HEAVE Media “it’s got sort of a what-if-Radiohead-were-a-punk-band thing going on… mark my words - these guys are good.” - The Stranger Dance “A great guitar-driven sound, probably another one of the best bands you’ve never heard of even though they’ve been around for about six years.” -Local Vertical "Caw! Caw! is a band you'll want to keep on listening to throughout the duration of their career. Their EP has the raw power that their hometown of Chicago is known for, unabashed rock with those bits of pop, new wave, and the unknown that help give each artist their own identity... They aren't the beginning nor the end, but Caw! Caw! are definitely part of a very bright future." -John Book, The Run-Off Groove Also, you can watch videos of us performing in basements and on stages here:

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