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Butt Trumpet (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2011-04-04

BUTT TRUMPET, a project founded in 1991 by Thom Bone, is back with a new, evolved lineup! This project has quite a reputation for delivering good, loud, old-fashioned outrageous punk rock--with a twist. Featuring two female bass players, one very obnoxius female guitarist, a hard hitting drummer, along with Thom Bone, the male front "vocalist" (for lack of a better word)--BUTT TRUMPET is one of those rare bands that, from day one has always been unique, ahead of the curve and on thier own musical path; yet, easily accessible with great hooks, good songs and with fun, outrageous and unpredictable stage shows. After many indie and major label releases (BT was the only other punk rock band aside from the Sex Pistols to sign to EMI, for example, but has NEVER SOLD OUT--they only did it as a joke), a period of deep hiatus, Thom Bone has brought the project back in order to, as he puts it: "Do more damage to our reputation AND your ears!" The new version has already released five EPs, with more on the way in 2008. Also being planned: a reissue of some of the out of print back catalogue releases along with a brand NEW full length. You can't go wrong booking Butt Trumpet. You are guaranteed a great show! Have van, will travel. CONTACT US! We are currently seeking bookers for the US and for Europe!

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