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Boys on the Docks (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-12-07

The first important moment in the band's history is that in 2003 a band called Silkworms was formed by some high school friends in Kaposvár, Hungary. They started to play punk-rock, but after several member changes the band broke up in August 2005. On the ruins of Silkworms, a new band rised: the Boys on the Docks. Most of the members played together in the previous band, but they wanted to make a more complex music than they did before. The influences like New York Hardcore, Metal and Punk are reliable for the recent style of the band. The band started the serious rehersals after Tomi joined, in about may of 2006, to prepare for the shows in the fall. After a short period they played in cities like Kaposvár, Siófok or Szeged and shared the stage with the bands: Gerebje, C.A.F.B., Tragic Vision. The first demo EP is still in progress. Lineup: Márk Gábor - vocals István Lechner - guitar Peter Lechner - bass Balázs Dávid - guitar Tamás Tóth - drums

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