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Boxhands (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-02-01

Boxhands is a 3-piece punk band from Ottawa, Ontario (formed in 2008) with loads of energy and a bit of eccentricity. Since their inception Boxhands (no "the" and no "space") has steadily produced a combination of discordant melody, riffy guitar, tonal bass, and breakdowns that grab you and shake you till you get it. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Nick "Gorgo" O'Gorman, and the hard hitting rhythm section of bassist Colleen McKeracher and Eric Larsin on drums. Boxhands is self-produced, self-recorded, and into the ethos of DIY. Their debut EP (Self-titled), along with their NEW EP entitled Instant Disaster, prove the trio's ability to mold a variety of influences and inspirations into catchy melodies and gr

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