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Bionic Jive (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-12-04

Emanating from the desert floor like a heat wave, the 5 man destruction squad known as BIONIC JIVE is rising like a Phoenix from the sprawling wasteland that bears its name. Throughout their career, BIONIC JIVE has established themselves as one of the Southwest's most intense and passionate live acts. Featuring a dark, hard-hitting sound that has been described by some as "Thug Metal", BIONIC JIVE encorporates elements of a vast range of styles including Hip Hop, Funk and Extreme Metal. The end result is a truly unique angle on the genre and promises to raise the bar to an entirely new level that will re-define the way "Rap-Core" is looked at in the future. Music, photos, and history can be found at

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