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Barbie And The Hookers (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-08-11

We're a hardcore fuckin punk band from Norwalk, CA. We got two self released albums out, a split 7" with hardcore legends RF7, and a new song "Self Destruct" on the Basement Records comp Wrong Side of the Trax. We tour all the time and play locally every fucking week. Hit us up if you want us to play in your town! Heres a few of the bands we have played with: SHAM 69, THREATS, THE PARTISANS, THE SKULLS, CIRCLE ONE, NARCOLEPTIC YOUTH, D.I., DECRY, RF7, THRETNING VERSE, THE VOIDS, SMD, THE DEEP EYNDE, THE HAVOC, NEON MANIACS, KRUM BUMS, 45 GRAVE, CELL BLOCK 5, CHEAP SEX, THE CROPNOX, and a fuck load more! Other links:

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