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Bad Heart Bull (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2009-06-23

Bad Heart Bull is a collaborative project between Rebecca Riley and Joe Letke. They currently reside in Chicago, Illinois, and play at venues around the Midwest. A large amount of Bad Heart Bull’s current repertoire is based off of Rebecca’s past project, Clitorectomy & the Mutilators. Much of the material of her previous band, as well as Bad Heart Bull, deals with radical political content, ranging from self-empowerment to dismantling oppressive power structures. Rebecca toured parts of the Western United States with Clitorectomy & the Mutilators. While based in Santa Barbara, Clitorectomy & the Mutilators played diverse venues like Santa Barbara’s Earl Warren Showgrounds, the Contemporary Arts Forum, or community centers like Casa de la Raza and the BIKO cooperative showspace. Bad Heart Bull was named after, and takes much inspiration from, indigenous resistance movements in the United States. In addition to politically inspired lyrics, the project seeks to retain and spread radical histories of resistance against forces of oppression. Bad Heart Bull also seeks to challenge stale performer/audience roles through active “audience” participation and utilization of space. Collectively Performed With: karl blau jenny Jenkins balmorhea riot folk porches kimya dawson perpetual dusk at curtsey caverns watercolor paintings atzlan underground world inferno friendship society al scorch & the cold dead hands oso agent ribbons colter fraizer & rob wallace duo foot foot Appearances & Interviews Freak Power Ticket Radio Show KCSB 91.9 FM 5 4 3 2…FUN! Radio Show KCSB 91.9 FM Pop Song Romance Zine ( One Night Music ( Santa Barbara Independent Interviewed by Professor David Pellow (University of Minnesota) for forthcoming book Contact Info

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