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AMATEUR ASSASSINS (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2010-02-12

T' Assassins are two brothers and two friends who have been lurking around Stoke for a couple of years, playing in bands and generally disappointing their parents, they decided to pool their collective talents into a new familial humiliation which has so far yielded a beautifully disgusting noise, their main influences includes gravity, clouds and the morbidly obese, they released their first album/ep to massive critical acclaim, all songs featured were thrown together in a six week spree and then recorded in a few hours on the 5th April 2009, they played their first gig on April 10th 2009 w/ My Disco, Scul Hazzards and Ox Scapula. We want to play gigs everywhere!!! We can be contacted on here or via this e-mail address , Europe and UK Bookings contact


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