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23RAINYDAYS (band) [edit] [flag] Last Updated: 2008-05-22

ABOUT 23RAINYDAYS: There is nowhere to run. You cannot escape the torrent of 23RAINYDAYS. Their sound is a lush, impeccably mixed brand of rock that assails you with the classic melancholy of 80s new wave and the cutting edge of modern hard rock. The result is music that has blended mass appeal into one thoughtful sound. Behind / Ahead There is a wry humor that is evident throughout the band's unofficial mission statement "23RAINYDAYS writes music that we hope will end up in John Hughes' films when John Hughes makes a triumphant return to Hollywood... We write music that kids can relate to... well... mainly kids in black." They joke about a narrow genre that belies the true universal appeal of their music. On the timeline, 23RAINYDAYS references the classic new wave hooks and the most modern of the nu new wave, while grasping the pure rock in between. Notches in the Belt 23RAINYDAYS can say a lot for itself. Already the band has shared the stage with the likes of Kill Hannah, The 69 Eyes, Katatonia, Modern English, Wednesday 13, Hanzel & Gretyl, Violent Femmes, Guided By Voices, Program the Dead, and others. The band has been noted as number one in its region for its genre on and they have also been featured on the TOP 3 radio stations in Washington, DC. Widescale The band is moving forward with determination. Their new CD From Today Until Forever is scheduled for release on 01.23.08 and the band begins a six month, self-financed US tour in February 2008. With a sound that is both classic and cutting edge, it's almost a given that widescale recognition awaits 23RAINYDAYS. Get ready for the downpour! Radio Airplay DC101 - FM 101.1 (Washington, DC) 98ROCK - FM 97.9 (Baltimore, MD) WJFK - FM 106.7 (Washington, DC) WRXL - FM 102.1 (Richmond, VA) IRIE - FM 98.1 (Ocean City, MD) What the Press is Saying About 23RD: On Tap Magazine "Decked out in eyeliner, the group creates moody goth-punk reminiscent of Chicagos Alkaline Trio. 23RAINYDAYS carries a deep appreciation for dramatic 80s groups like the Cure, channeling their inner Robert Smith in creating darker soundscapes a fact clearly evident on tracks like Broken. 23 Rainy Days is certainly a band to keep an eye on." Washington City Paper "After such a wet summer, you might want to just dry out. But then you'd miss the full force of 23RAINYDAYS. Because 23RD combine a melodic, 80's feel with a thoroughly modern energy that we find utterly refreshing!" Leechy's Catch of the Day "Before Leechy says a single thing, 23RAINYDAYS are ANGSTY. They roll around in their own sadness and their urine is laced with pain. However, the songs are strangely touching, so that automatically allows them to behave in such a way. And the lead's allowed to get away with seeming as if his voice has been greatly dettered by castration. With silky, flowy vocals and a very clean overall sound, teh boys of this partly goth-based band pull off very listenable inner cries of torment." "This weeks column has two local selections, and we start things off with My Own Addiction, by 23 Rainy Days. The music bursts out of the speakers on this very well-produced alternative-rock track. The guitar tone on the lead work is excellent, and Im digging the combination of drums and electronic beats." "Live on Penn had an electric atmosphere that began with 23RAINYDAYS original set. They came on with great music and a dark, powerful energy. They were aggressive and anxious, like vampires out at dusk. See them live at all costs."


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